MotioninJoy ver 0.5 alpha available

NOTE: this version is for testing.
Add and improve some feature like

Uninstall preversion,refer to

The driver install function is integrated into ds3_tool. Because some one often forget run as administor.

Playstation 3 Game Controller Driver for Windows MotioninJoy update log


Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) as a Generic HID

When connected by Bluetooth via MotionInJoy, the PlayStation Move will show up as a generic HID device with VID 8888, and PID 0308.

I have make a demo that can read the Motion controller input data and lighted the glowing ball.

Splinter Cell: Conviction Patch Released

Some one report some issue about MotioninJoy with Splinter Cell Conviction.
Ubisoft releases a new update for the PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Here are the changes:

Good News for Broadcom Chipset User

I have bought two USB Bluetooth Dongle with Broadcom chipset(BCM2045 and BCM2046) a few days ago. 
Try and try,trace and trace,I find a way to make them to work with PS3 controller finally .They all can pair with my DUALSHCOK 3 and sixaxis today, and two controllers paired with one dongle.I think it can pair more at the same time,but I only one sixaxis and one Dualshcok 3 .

Old Xbox Controller Emulate Xbox 360 Controller on Windows

You may have several old original Xbox controllers laying around that you just can’t bring yourself to sell. Or maybe no one will buy it. Well this is a great way to turn those controllers into something. This how to will explain how to turn your old Xbox controller into a controller compatible with your PC.

Version 0.5 alpha will come soon

I try to improve something folllowing list:

  1. Two or more controllers connect to one Bluetooth Dongle at the same time.(only compatible with few dongles at the moment )
  2. More stable bluetooth connection,  (Vibration level change too fast  will disconnect the bluetooth connection  with version 0.4).
  3. Directx mode vibration driver.
  4. Add original Xbox controller supporting.
  5. Driver install program.

Please add comments if you have some suggestions.

Connect 2 or more controllers to one Bluetooth Dongle

(Developing version)

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