Run console controllers on PC games

    True cross platform gaming = PC running a PS3 controller configured to emulate the functions of a XBox360 controller. That's how I did it anyway, it makes sense if you have a PS3 but buy games for PC because they are cheaper and have better graphics. If you have a XBox360 you can just do the first step to get it running. If you have a PC game pad/joystick you've probably noticed that most recent games (especially Games For Windows Live) prefer an XBOX 360 controller.

MotioninJoy ver 0.4 available

Uninstall pre version refer to How to uninstall MotioninJoy Install last version install information refer to:Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

  1. Add battery information.It will be charging  autom

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

MotioninJoy 0.4.00 beta available

Note:If you have installed pre version for testing please uninstall it befer install new version(refer to How to uninstall MotioninJoy).I will supply in more detail instruction ASAP.

MotioninJoy simulate Xbox 360 controller(virtual Xinput device)

For testing only(via usb cable).

Virtual Xinput device (Xbox 360 controller for windows)

 Virtual Xinput device(Xbox 360 controller for windows)
My Windows 7 considers my Dualshock 3 as a Xbox 360 wireless
controller(of course I have installed Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller
driver before ).
but axis and buttons are not active now.
I believe that I can get it soon.

I have travelled to Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province in the past few days.

Some photo attached.

MotioninJoy ver 0.3.00 is available

MotioninJoy ver 0.3.00 is available today.

Pease refer to

The install files upload to download page.

If you have installed pre-version folllow way is fast then download install files:

There are some compatibility problems in 0.2.00 or older version's updater .

If you failed to update files:

Solve sixaxis dualshock 3 LED blinking forever problem(USB)

Solve sixaxis dualshock 3 LED blinking forever problem.No need press "PS" button not any more.Download appropriate this page's attachments files.and replace old file(WINDOWS\system32\drivers\MijUfilt.sys).

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