Tube Amplifier for the PS3

My friend maked a tube amplifier for Playstation 3
It seems  cool.
If you have an interest in this tube amplifier you can add comment about this.

tube amplifier for PS3

playstation 3 controller as a keyboard and mouse play web game

Mouse profile like pre post sotry
Today we add some keyboard keys to play some game that only can be played by keyboard.The web game always in this way.
example: thare is a web game Supper Mario Bros
circle maped to "S" key for bounceing  .

Video on getting Dualshock 3 working with Windows 7 x64 RC

This is a video on getting Dualshock 3 working with
Windows 7 x64 RC

form youtube

thanks caffenepill provide this video

Switch your default Bluetooh driver and Motioninjoy driver

    If you have a other free USB port it is simple:
USB PORT 1: install your bluetooth dongle manufacturer's driver or windows's default driver.
USB PORT 2: install MotioninJoy Bluetooth driver.
Select one port to plug the bluetooth dongle . by this way you can switch your bluetooth driver for different application.
     If you only one USB port for your bluetooth dongle:
Go in to windows device manager swith the driver. this way is little complexer than the other one.

Playstation 3 controller as a pc USB mouse or wireless mouse

You can use your Playstation 3 controller as a USB mouse or wireless mouse on windows.

This mouse is compatible with almost windows application program or game.
R1:mouse left button
R2:mouse right button

Playstation 3 mouse button

left stick: a mouse point controller

ps3 mouse axis

MotioninJoy updated to version 0.200 with pc game profile editor

The install files upload to download page
If you have installed pre-version folllow way is fast then download install files:

  1. Run DS3-TOOL.exe click update button.Or Download appropriate this page's attachments files.and replace old file.
  2. Unplug your PS3 controller and Bluetooth adapter.
  3. Replug your PS3 controller and Bluetooth adapter.

New install USB driver guide

This page is translated from by Break.
Everyone Thank  Break very mouch!

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