MotinoinJoy pc game profile editor updated

Motioninjoy update information

Web server has be moved to USA

Someone complain the web server's response is slow. It has be moved to USA today, it is runing in USA now. I don't know is it can improve the speed.
It is not  obvious change in my side.

MotioninJoy PC game Profile Editor(USB ONLY)

What is Profile ?

A Profile is a set of user programmed input commands and control settings that determines how you controller functions in a PC game. Multiple Profiles can be created and saved for use with multiple games.

Should I use the Profile Editor?

Dual shock 3 x64 vibration function package

  1. Install the pre driver ,refer to 64bits driver update with remap options.

  2. Unrar MotioninJoy_vibration_0100.rar. follow the setup steps.

  3. Start->All Programs->MotioninJoy->DS3 TOOL selcet "Enable vibration" and click "Enable Options" button.

  4. Enjoy your game with vibration function.

MotioninJoy testing version with game profile editor(USB ONLY)

  1. Replace MijUfilt.sys(windows\system32\driver\MijUfilt.sys)and DS3_Tool.exe(Program Files\MotioninJoy\ds3\DS3_Tool.exe)

  2. Unplug and replug your sixaxis or dual shock 3 via USB.

  3. Run DS3_Tool for testing

  4. x86(32bits)downloadMijUfilt.sys

  5. x64(64bits)downloadMijUfilt.sys

Motioninjoy next version preview

1) Page 1 as previous version

2)Page 2 Add game controller ,Mouse adn keyboard Profile Editor , every button or axis can be map to one of game controller axis , game controller button , mouse button, mouse axis or keyboard key.

Motioninjoy 32bits version update with game controller remap options and vibration function

  1. Feature: USB or bluetooth connect. vibration enable,4 kinds maping, analog Triggers,POV and motion sensor options

  2. System requirements: one free USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE, windows xp, windows vista ,windows 7 32bits

  3. Download here

  4. Unzip the file. follow the setup steps.

64bits sixaxis driver update with game controller remap options

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