Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) on Windows

Finally I have got the Playstation 3 Motion Controller(PS MOVE) yesterday. 
I have paired it to my PC via Bluetooth.

Notice: Integrated with version 0.6.0001,Demo code upload to

Use the attached files replace the Motioninjoy installed files.
As pairing Dualshock 3 you have to pair them over USB. refer to

  1. Connect the motion controller(PS MOVE) to the PC windows using a USB cable.
  2. run DS3_TOOL and go to driver manager tab and click "load driver";
  3. click "pair" button in bluetooth pair tab after finishing load driver;
  4. Unplug  the USB cable
  5. Press the "PS" button of the PS MOVE.
  6. A  Motioninjoy gamepad will appear in the windows system.
  7. run GenericHid.exe that is a demo how to  controlle the PS MOVE(Demo code),it can light the sphere of the PS MOVE and change its color. It will be doused for a moment automatically, you can click the "Continuous" button to light it  for a long time,the three Bytes to send are the color of RGB.

I have not enough time to Parse the input report, if you find some law please post it to our wiki