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MotioninJoy Help


Welcome to the MotioninJoy Wiki, here we have guides to help you install, configure, use, and enjoy MotioninJoy!

About MotioninJoy

Installing MotioninJoy

Ready to install MotioninJoy? Follow these guides to get started with MotioninJoy.

Old Versions


Video Tutorials

Using MotioninJoy

Do you have questions on using MotioninJoy? Check out the FAQ and other Wiki guides.



Got questions on what games are compatible with MiJ? Check out our Game Compatibility list!
Or do you need help configuring a game? Check out the Game Configuration Guides!


Some miscellaneous stuff in the Wiki…

Live Support

Need help and want to chat now with us or have us fix the problem for you?

Please note:
Please read the Wiki pages listed above to find an answer to your question, and if the Wiki doesn't cover your question refer to the Forums!!!

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