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Installing MotioninJoy drivers - Latest version (v6 (0.6.0003))

Here is the guide to install the latest version of the MotioninJoy drivers.
The 0.6.0001 drivers adds support for the PS3's BD remote, keypad, and support for the PlayStation Move.
The 0.6.0003 drivers adds support for the navigation controller, PSPgo and DS3 pairing, and the auto controller turn off feature.

If you have a question with MotioninJoy, do NOT edit a wiki page to ask your question, ask your question in the forums!

Downloading and installing the drivers

  • First, you need to download the v6 MotioninJoy drivers. To download the MotioninJoy driver, visit the Downloads page that has the links to the v6 driver.

    You need to get the version that corresponds with your system, 32bits for 32-bit (x86) systems and 64bits for 64-bit (x64) systems.
    If you're not sure which system type you have, check out Control Panel → System, and look under “System type:” for if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit. Most likely you are using 32-bit, and if you have XP you are using a 32-bit (x86) system.

  • Next make sure your system meets the requirements for the drivers, then extract the EXE out of the zip file and double click on it. If you want to specify where to install it, the first step will give you the option to do that. Using the default location (C:\Program Files\MotioninJoy\ds3) is recommended.

  • 64-bit and unsigned driver users: At this point you need to reboot your computer, see the 64bit page for more. If you are using the signed driver version, disabling driver signature enforcement is not needed.
    32-bit users don't need to worry about disabling driver signature enforcement.

Getting it working - USB mode

  1. Connect your PS3 controller using the USB cord to a USB port where you would want to plug the controller in every time you want to use it. Windows will then install its own drivers, let it do it's thing.

    At this point your controller will be recognized in Game Controllers or Devices and Printers, but it won't recognize any buttons/axis movement.

  2. Make sure the Bluetooth adapter you want to use with MiJ is plugged in now and has its drivers already installed. All other BT adapters will need to be unplugged until after MiJ installation. It is okay if you do not have a BT adapter or do not want to use one.
    The DS3 Tool should automatically run and open the Driver Manager screen, if so skip to the next step. If it didn't, open the DS3 Tool (Start → All Programs → MotioninJoy → DS3 Tool) then click on “Driver Manager” (You'll need to agree with running as administrator).

  3. Press the “Load driver” button, after a few seconds the log below the Load button will show the results of the driver install.

    If the last green line says “SUCCESS: Installation completed with code 0x0.. Error code:0”

    or if you see driver version 0.6.0003 in the About page of the DS3 Tool, then the drivers have installed correctly.

    (Note that if you want to use the controller on a different USB port, you will have to repeat this step.)

  4. Click on Profiles in the DS3 Tool and enable the “Playstation 3” option to enable the controller sticks and SixAxis functions. Next click on the “Game Controller Panel” button, then click Properties in the dialog box that comes up to see your PS3 controller working!! Woohoo!!!
    (Note: The game controller properties can be manually found by going to Control Panel → Game controllers (XP) or Control Panel → Devices and Printers → right click on “HID-compliant game controller” → select “Game controller settings” (Win7) )

At this point your PS3 controller will operate normally through USB.
It is recommended you click on the Settings tab in the controller properties and calibrate the controller. This will make the analog sticks and SixAxis more responsive.

Getting it working - Bluetooth mode

Notes: You need to have completed the USB part first before attempting to get BT working.
You don't need to complete the BT instructions if you just want to use USB or don't have any BT dongles, but if you do have a BT dongle and want to use it with MiJ, please continue.

The MotioninJoy drivers will OVERRIDE your normal Bluetooth adapter's drivers, so only the PS3 controller can connect to it.

If you need Bluetooth support for other devices such as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse you will either need to: 1. Only use the PS3 controller through USB, 2. (only for USB adapters) Plug the BT adapter into 1 USB port for use with MiJ and another one for other BT devices, or 3. (recommended) Have 2 BT adapters in the system with 1 unplugged/disabled while running the MiJ driver installer, so you can use the PS3 controller with 1 BT adapter, and other Bluetooth devices with the other adapter.

  1. Connect your PS3 controller using USB if it isn't already connected.

  2. Open the DS3 Tool (Start → All Programs → MotioninJoy → DS3 Tool) and click the pairing tab or the BluetoothPair button, then click the Pair Now button. If the “Have Paired to:” MAC address (The MAC address is the bunch of zeroes in this example) changes to your Bluetooth adapter's address (which is listed as “Adapter MAC”, your controller is successfully paired with your Bluetooth adapter.

    If it did not change, most likely you are not using a supported Bluetooth adapter and you will need to get one that works.
    (Note: If you use this controller with a PS3 after pairing here with MiJ, you will need to repeat this step to get the controller working with MiJ again as the controller will have paired with the PS3.)

  3. Unplug the USB cord. If after a while you feel a short rumble and one of the LEDs goes solid, the controller is now connected. Success!!

  4. Whenever you want to connect your controller, just press the PS button. The LEDs will start flashing, and after a few seconds you'll feel a short rumble and a single LED goes solid. To disconnect the controller hold the PS button until the LEDs go out.

Enjoy using your PS3 controller on your PC with MotioninJoy!!
Check out the Configuration page for more on configuring the controller to use it in a game.
If you have more questions about installing or configuring MotioninJoy that the Wiki FAQ, Config, Game guides, or this install page doesn't cover, please ask your question in the Forums

Local mode

Frustrated at having to be connected to the internet for the DS3 Tool to work?
Download the Local Mode files, then extract the local folder to the folder MotioninJoy is installed in. This is usually “C:\Program Files\MotioninJoy\ds3”. Now just press the Local button at the top of the DS3 Tool to switch to local mode!
Also see the tutorial video for more instructions on how to install Local Mode.
Thank you forum member Nightc0re for making and maintaining the Local Mode files.

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