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What is MotioninJoy?

MotioninJoy is a driver, designed by a developer unconnected with Sony, intended to use all the features of the Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers on a PC running Windows.


MiJ supports:

  • Operating controller through USB or wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • Supports 4 controllers simultaneously with 1 bluetooth adapter.
  • Fully functional SixAxis support.
  • DS3 Vibration support.
  • Emulate Xbox 360 controller for games that use X360 controllers(Games for Windows).
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation–Remapping of buttons and axises to any button/axis or use as keyboard shortcuts and mouse.

About MotioninJoy

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Get started

Now follow the install instructions to get started using MiJ!

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